Training Ė Give me a lever and Iíll move the world (if I know how to use a lever)

As we have stated, a CRM software application is not CRM. It is a way (or tool) to help enable an overall CRM strategy. Like any tool, its effective use depends on the userís understanding of how to use it.

At PEO Automation, we started like all of our clients. We looked at a tool (Microsoft CRM), went to training, and began exploring the possibilities. What we found, as is the case in many situations, was that the training only scratched the surface of the toolís potential. At PEO Automation, we strive to educate our customers sufficiently on the underlying and detailed capabilities of Microsoft CRM to capitalize fully on it as a business growing tool.

Unlike our industry peers, we provide multiple training services, one of which is an all-inclusive user guide and training manual that we provide to all of our customers (the manual is pending publication). Additionally, we offer on-site and off-site training on all aspects of Microsoft CRM including: Basics, Customization, Workflow, Infrastructure, Email Integration, C# CRM Callouts, C# and Workflow, and more.

If your CRM strategy is to manage, operate, build, and maintain your own capabilities in-house or through outside support, we can help you recognize your overall corporate goals.

Our goal is to ensure that you fully capitalize on the capabilities of Microsoft CRM independently or with our assistance.



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