Strategy Definition – Problem? Solution? No More Problem

It has been our experience that the most critical success factor in implementing CRM (or any other major enterprise application) is to define a strategy.

To understand the importance and benefit of a CRM Strategy Definition, one must first recognize what CRM really is and is not. CRM is not a software application, it is not an Excel spread sheet, and is not an index file. CRM is a philosophy and belief that the customer is the sole purpose a company can and does exist. This is what is referred to as being a “Customer Centric” company.

Recognizing what CRM is, there are my tools and ways available to become a truly Customer Centric organization. However, there is not one all-encompassing way to recognize or enable customer centricity. This is why the first step in becoming a customer centric company is to define what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it. Your STRATEGY….

At PEO Automation, we can apply our experience and industry best practices to the creation of your CRM strategy. Our approach is to walk our customers step-by-step through the strategy definition process creating your individual CRM strategy within just a few days.


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