PEO Automation has developed Corlation, a Workman Compensation product that integrates to the Microsoft CRM Service module.

The system supports workflow between the entities, certificates, client management, carrier management of all related activity in regards to policies, and provides interfaces to effectively load data required to audit the PEO issued policies.

Facilitates the communication and management of the policies between the agent, carrier, and the PEO.  The system has work flow management that facilitates the underwriting and on boarding processes between the three entities by directing activities in an inbox based on what the user must do to complete various tasks.
The facility will position the user in the related parts of the system in the
context of the data and tasks at hand.

The next major component is the messaging subsystem.  This allows messaging between the entities based on the context of the work to be performed. This allows the system to document the decisions made during these activities.  It presents the users with communication based on the tasks at hand and allows messages, and the associated attachments, to be stored based on the work being completed. All of the
messages are grouped based on the tasks that must be completed in the inbox.

There is screen level and entity level security. This insures that screens and data are only presented based on what the user has access to. This security is the core of the system and allows the system to be hosted in an asp model. The company uses this to
support multiple clients with their respective data protected from other users outside of their organization. It insures that partners, such as brokers and carriers, only see data that they should have access to.

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