At PEO Automation, we have capitalized on the benefits of the traditional Information Technology (IT) providers but eliminated their associated short comings.  Our goal is to provide complete, high quality, and cost effective IT solutions to our customers through what we believe are the key ingredients to success:  Experience, Focus, Specialization, and Methodology.

PEO EXPERIENCE - PEO Automation’s leadership team brings over 75 years of experience in the Insurance, Healthcare, Human Resources, Safety and Health, Technology, and Project Management arenas to support a PEO’s specific needs. 

ERP EXPERIENCE - PEO Automation has been involved in the implementation of Shop Floor, Inventory Control, Distribution, Warehouse Management, Financial, Banking, Call Centers, Telecommunications, Point Of Sale, and Logistics applications.  It is this broad background that allows PEO Automation to truly view a company as an entire enterprise when implementing CRM. We have found that CRM requires integration of many aspects of the Enterprise. PEO Automation's broad experience allows us to focus on solutions across an enterprise when implementing CRM. 

SPECIALIZATION - PEO Automation focuses on the enterprise, applying Microsoft Technologies to solve business problems across the enterprise. We look at the business as a whole and help the customer with how they implement CRM within their enterprise.   For CRM to be an effective solution it must interface to many aspects of the business. We have the skill and experience to define and implement these interfaces.

METHODOLOGY - PEO Automation differs from other application development and IT consulting companies in our approach to the business.  We take time to learn your business needs and design solutions specific to those needs.  We also provide a “one stop” solution for you to satisfy all of your IT needs.  Finally, we deliver our solutions cost effectively through a methodology that combines quality and experience required by today's demanding market place.

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